Sunday, June 26, 2016

Pre-Travel Checklist [general]

Pre-Travel Checklist [general]

Please feel free to copy-and-paste this list into a word document. Then you can customize it to fit your family.

General Home Preparation

□ Water plants and mow lawn before leaving home or arrange for a neighbor to care for them while you're away

□ Unplug any appliances sensitive to power surges, such as computers, microwaves, and television sets

□ Dial your thermostat up or down to match the temperature of the season

□ Stop all home-delivery services (mail, newspaper, milk, diapers, and so on) or arrange to have items picked up by a neighbor

□ Arrange for pet care at a kennel or in your home

☆☆ Security

□  Lock all windows and doors securely and remove any keys hidden outside the house

□ Tell neighbors that you'll be away and how they can reach you in an emergency

□ Turn on your telephone answering machine. You may want to change the message on your answering machine at work to let your business contacts know you are out of town

□ Set lights and a radio on timers. Turn up the radio loud enough so it can be heard outside

□ Close blinds and curtains


♡♡ Store food in your freezer to prevent having to run to the grocery store as soon as you return home

□ Remove perishable items from your refrigerator

□ Empty all waste baskets & run the garbage disposal to eliminate the possibility of unpleasant odors

□ ¡¡ Wash the dishes (You'll be sorry when you come back if you forget this!)

Getting Your Car Ready

□ Check your spare tire and jack to ensure they are both in working order

□ Check oil level, tire pressure, and coolant level, and all other fluid levels

□ Pack a first-aid kit and roadside emergency kit into the trunk

Personal Preparation

□ Schedule a medical check-up before the trip. (Ladies, make sure your mammogram and pap smear are up-to-date!!)
 °Ask your doctor about necessary vaccinations, and have any        medical procedures done before you go

□ Update any personal identification so that it contains current information and a photograph [Make sure your DPA is up to date,  too!]

□ Pick up cash, change, and traveler’s checks at the bank

□ Get a telephone calling card and take it with you
 ° [or at least make sure you bring the charger for your phone!]

□  Fill out and send in your tax return form if you will be out of town at the deadline

□ Tell your friends where they can write to you at your vacation or out-of-town address

□ Pay the rent and other bills. If you’ll be gone for an extended period of time, arrange for a friend or relative to pay the bills

♡♡Wash clothes that you’re not packing so that you’ll have a clean set of clothes at home when you return from your trip

□ Break in new shoes to prevent blisters. [PLEASE remember to bring shoes that are safe for various surfaces!]

□  pack chargers and/or extra batteries (phone, camera, laptop, etc)

Sanity Savers

□ Make a "fun bag" for each child and include games, books, toys, a ¡tape player¿  with headphones, and snacks

□ Purchase postcard stamps to take with you

□  Print address labels of people to send postcards to. [It’s much lighter to carry a sheet of labels than your address book.]

♧ take earplugs (in case your neighbors in the hotel are noisy)


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